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The incorporation of important traits underlying sustainable development of the oat crop through combining 'conventional' phenotypic selection with molecular marker technologies (OatLINK)
  • [>>]  RD-2004-2957  Final report
  • [>>]  RD-2004-2957  Annual report  [2008]
  • [>>]  RD-2004-2957  Annual report  [2007]

Consortium members only, the annual reports from the current QUOATS project can be found in the private section of this website, please log-in with your username and password.

QUOATS science

  • [>>]  Greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy sector (A life cycle assessment)  [FAO]
  • [>>]  Survey of mycotoxins in cereal-based foods  [FSA]

QUOATS outreach

  • [>>]  Technology Interaction Log.
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